Detroit Stereographic Society Member Video Service


Description:  A service provided to make 3D videos for playback on a 3D TV                

Purpose: To provide members with a way to archive and display their digital slides and or video clips 
using 3D multi media available to them.

Suggested Themes: Weddings - Birthdays - Family Gatherings -Vacations - Points of Interest 
Your DSS winners - Any Sequence
- Holidays
Actually any subject of your choosing.


What to expect: A Video that can be stored on USB flash drive, DVD or Blu-Ray disc. 
The codec will be compatible to
view on a TV with 3D capability 
or in anaglyph on your standard TV or computer.

 Member will provide a media device to record on.

Media: Blank DVD - Blank Blu-Ray - USB Flash Drive
A USB flash drive is the preferred media source.  A 16GB drive costs about $5


Media Size:    DVD HD Quality - 15 Min of 3D video - about 2700mb - Approx 80 slides with introduction etc.   

Blu-Ray HD Quality 30 Min Approx 170 slides  -   -   5400mb

You will need a 3D Blu-Ray player and HDMI cable.
If you play commercial 3D Videos in 3D, you have this.

        Flash drive can come in any size- about 8 gb needed. This will store both the source data and a finished video.

               Your TV or DVD player must have a USB input.

     Note: If you use a external backup drive it can be hooked directly to a smart TV or to your DVD player. 
This drive would be powered by the USB  plug or have a power supply and possibly turned on manually, depending on  your TV.
Smart TVís will turn it off with the remote. This will provide storage for your entire archive and have ready on demand.
Selection would be via DVD or TV remote.

  Sound: Member can select background sounds which include actual sounds or music. A voice overlay is also a option.
This would be narrated by member while viewing finished video.  Voice would then be in correct timing with video display. 
Any background music would be lowered in area of narration.


DSS Contact:
Jerry Chisnell

  3367 Mt. Hope Rd

  Grass Lake, MI 49240

  517 522-6057