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Rules for Monthly Competitions



1.  Only individuals with full or family memberships are eligible to take part in the monthly competitions.  All entries must be the work of the entrant.

2.  The original image must be made by the entrant on photographic emulsion or acquired digitally.  Entrants are permitted to enhance or modify the original image as desired, as long as the photographic content predominates in the final image.

3.  Any image which has either been awarded a ribbon in a previous Detroit Stereographic Society competition, or which is so similar as to be almost identical, is not eligible.

4.  A maximum of three images may be entered each month.  Members need not be present to take part in the competitions.  Online submissions must be made at least 48 hours prior to the meeting to two designated recipients (named monthly in the newsletter).

5.  Entries must be in a single file in “side by side” parallel (left image on the left, right on the right) format. Resolution of 1400 X 1050 per side (2800 X 1050 for the pair). Naming convention must conform with that described on the Digital Competitions page.

6.  Ribbons will be awarded to the top- scoring images until a minimum of 25% of the images entered in each competition is reached, not to exceed a maximum of 40%.

7.  Entrants will accumulate points during the year for each image awarded a ribbon, according to the following scale:  1st place = 5 points;  2nd place = 4 points;  3rd place = 3 points;  and Honorable Mention = 2 points.  In addition, one point will be awarded for each image entered in competition.  Awards will be given at the end of the year for the members with the highest point totals.

8.  Any image awarded 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place or Honorable Mention ("HM") during the monthly competitions will be eligible for the "Image of the Year" competition (one each for film and digital images).  In these competitions there will be awards for First Place and 10% Honorable Mention, with the latter being from the top scoring remaining entries after the top image is selected.

9.  The Billy Turner “Best Premiere” Award will be offered annually for the new member with the highest point total in the monthly competitions.  The “Rising Star” for most improved member will also be awarded each year when warranted.  Rules for these awards are published in a separate document.

10. By submitting images for competition, the member grants permission to use that image for any promotional or inter-club presentation or competition, such as the ISCC, the ISU-CODE or any presentation of representative images of the club unless stipulated otherwise in writing.

In all cases the assignment subject should be obvious and prominent in the image.  Entries will be judged on both artistic (composition, originality, lighting, depth) and technical (exposure, sharpness, alignment) merits.  All entries may be used for club purposes unless the maker specifically notifies the Newsletter Editor otherwise.


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