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Current, renewing members:

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 Associate Membership ($15)
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If you prefer the printed version of the club newsletter, mark this box, and add $10 to the amount dueYou will still also get an electronic version (unless you request otherwise).

The difference between the two electronic document versions is the order of the pages - the ready to print version is set up to be folded and assembled into a hard copy 5 1/2" X 8 1/2" newsletter.  Page 2 and 11 (for example) are on the same sheet.

The readable on-screen version would have pages 2 and 3 on that same sheet.

The web link contains these two versions  You just get an email in your inbox with a link to a secret location on the DSS web site for subscribers only.  You can retrieve it at your convenience.  This is good for people with low speed connections so e-mail isn't tied up with a long download.


After filling out and submitting the above form, please print this page and send it with a check (payable to "DSS") to:

The Detroit Stereographic Society
c/o David Smith
3406 Cornell
Dearborn, MI  48124


If you prefer to pay using Paypal, just select your type of membership and click on the "Buy Now" button below: 

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