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Here are some interesting 3D related links to other web sites:

Photo Sites and Photo Products

And if you're really hungry - just google "3D Photography"!

Camera Repair

Larry Alder (a former member of the Detroit Stereographic Society) Camera Repair
All Makes - All Models
Classic and Antique Restoration
30 yrs experience
525 W. Marshall
Ferndale 48220
Appointment only

George Themelis (also a member of the Detroit Stereographic Society)
See contact information in "3D by Dr. T" below.

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  • 3D by Dr. T. - Viewers, tutorials, and much more from DSS member Dr. George Themelis (Dr. T.)

  • 3D Concepts - RBT cameras, RBT mounts and more.

  • 3D Glasses Online - We've manufactured over 500,000,000 paper 3D glasses, we know we can satisfy your taste for 3D.  The world's leading manufacturer of 3-D glasses, and your one stop source for anything 3-D [they also have quite a few other links on their reference pages].

  • 3Dstereo.com - Dalia Miller's website with many stereo products.

  • Berezin Stereo Photographic Products - Supplies of all kinds for stereo photography.

  • Stereo Cameras - detailed information from Stereoscopy.com

  • Studio 3D  - Stereo services and equipment from Ron Labbe - a knowledgeable source.

  • View-Master Homepage - View Master and 3Discover sites.

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Stereo Photography Workshop Videos showing how to 

  1. Create anaglyph stereo - Dan Shelley

  2. Do 2D to 3D conversion - Dan Shelley

  3. Build a full-frame stereo camera called a FrankenPony - Bill Davis

  4. Use a manual stereo camera - George Themelis

  5. Make stereo cards (the basics) - David Lee or Steve Hughes

  6. Do Slide Mounting for Projection - Steve Hughes

  7. Create Digital Slideshows - John Hart

These (and others - over 45 titles) can be found on the GreenHouse Productions website.

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How to make stereo pictures by computer - from stereoscopy.com.

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Examples of some stereo photo projects can be found on Greg Erker's site.
Also view these Digital Stereoview Standard Directions from R.J. Thorpe. They assume you know a little about Photoshop, but it should be helpful. First go to:
Then click on the "production" selection.


Photo-3D is one of a variety of 3D discussion groups where you can get questions answered on 3D topics by other interested stereographers.  There are currently (March 2002) over 1200 members.  You can start by just receiving messages and see what others are talking about.  Add to the discussion when you like or pose a new discussion topic at any time.
Click here to join (unrelated to this site) the Photo-3D mailing list 

3D Software Downloads:

And here is a link to get some free software for making 3D images:

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