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 Here are some short tutorials on aspects of stereo photography

1. Basics

     A. Introduction to Stereo Photography - by Steve Kiesling

        (Note: this article mainly discusses film-based 3D. Digital 3D is discussed below.)


2. George Themelis (Powerpoint presentations)

     A. Digital 101 ("Digital 3D Photography 101") - September 2011

     B. Judging ("Judging Stereo") - September 2011

     C. Hyper-Stereo ("How to do Hyperstereo Photography") - July 2015

     D. 3D Composition ("How to take Better 3D Pictures via Good Composition") - October 2016

     E. Close-Ups ("How to Take Close-Ups in 3D")  - February 2021

     F. Better 3D ("Two Suggestions for Better 3D Pictures") - May 2021

     G. Perspective ("Unusual Perspective in 3D") - November 2021

     H. Phone 3D ("Phone Vs. Camera") - May 2022

     I. EGO Camera ("What Is It - and Should You Get One?") - September 2022

     J. White Balance ("White Balance in Photography") - November 2021

     K. Exposure Triangle ("Aperture, Shutter Speed and Sensitivity") - April 2023

     L. Phone 3D II ("Additional Tips and Tricks") - April 2024 

3. Using StereoPhoto Maker (SPM)

     A. Beginner's Guide - by David Starkman

     B. SPM Clone Tool Instructions - by David Starkman

     C. SPM Quick Tips - by Dennis Green (extracted from the Stereo Window newsletter).
Volume I - Read version (pages in order)    Print version (for printing into a half-page booklet)

            Volume II - Read version (pages in order)    Print version (for printing into a half-page booklet)

            Volume III - Read version (pages in order)    Print version (for printing into a half-page booklet)

     D. StereoPhoto Maker Tutorials - Zoom Meetings starting 5-20-2020 (on Rick Shomsky's YouTube channel).

          Meeting #1 - 5/20/20: SPM Basics - Auto alignment, stereo window adjustment, Setting up preferences and toolbars, improving images by cropping.

          Meeting #2 - 5/27/20: Using the Clone Tool to remove unwanted elements.

          Meeting #3 - 6/03/20: Horizontal Auto Scroll (for panoramic images), Horizontal and Vertical Mirror tools, How to straighten an image, various screen viewers, NSA Convention information.

          Meeting #4 - 6/17/20: Batch processing - resizing and renaming files.

         (All meetings accessed from the main Tutorial link above)


4. Fusion-HDR (workshop notes from David Smith - January 2018).



5. Why I Use 2X2 - by Dennis Hanser - 2001 (Twin Film Camera info - still good for digital in many ways)

6. ISO-Duplex - by Ed Jameson (extract from the 2003 NSA workshop on Underwater Stereography)

7. Looking Glass Portrait Review - Gemal Seede

8. Artificial Intelligence Tools and Depth Maps - Gemal Seede

More tutorials will be added as they become available.