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Here is the current content of the DSS CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc library.  These titles can be checked out at any meeting.  Currently there is no charge for a one-month loan.


Stereo Workshop DVDs:
1.   "2D to 3D Conversion in 2 minutes"Gene &Liz Mitofsky
2.    "A Beginner’s Guide to StereoPhoto Maker" - David Starkman
3.    "Art of Creating Anaglyphs" - Jim Harp 
4.    "Digital Stereo Projection for Beginners" - Steve Hughes                                                                       
5.    "Digital Stereo Slideshows" - Dr. John Hart
6.    "DSS Tabletops Workshop" - Dennis Hanser 
7.    "Graphic Design & Assembly of Modern Stereo Cards" - Tom Dory and Larry Ferguson
8.    "High Dynamic Range Imaging in Stereo" - David Kesner                                                                               
9.    "How To Get Started In 3D Using A Manual Stereo Camera" - Dr. George Themelis
10. "How To Take Better Stereo Pictures Via Good Composition" - Dr. George Themelis    
11. "How To Take Stereo Pictures With A Single (2D) Camera" - Dr. George Themelis
12. "Introduction to Making Phantograms" - Steve Hughes
13. "Making Modern Stereo Cards: Creating the Cards" - Steve & Suzanne Hughes
14. "Making Stereo Cards Using StereoPhoto Maker"-Steve&Suzanne Hughes (the image part of “Creating the Cards”)
15. "Making Stereo Panoramas" - David Lee 
16. "My Album" - Ron Labbe                                                                                              
17. "Shooting Phantograms Outdoors in Nature" - Barry Rothstein
18. "Starting With StereoData Maker" - Steve Hughes
19. "Stereo Photography With Variable Stereo Base" - Dr. George Themelis                                                 
20. "Stereo Window and Cropping" - Bill Moll
21. "2D to 3D Conversion" - Dan Shelley                                                                             
22. "Advanced Techniques In Stereocard Making" - David Lee 
23. "Anaglyphs - What and How" - Dan Shelley
24. "Digital Retouching of Stereo Views" - Steve Hughes 
25. "Getting Started in Stereo Photography" – Tom Rywick
26. "Modern Glamour Stereo Photography" - Starosta/Wilson/Ferguson/Maslin
27. "Photoshop Techniques for Stereo" - Jim Gasperini
28. "Practical Shooting Setup" and "Processing Phantograms" - Barry Rothstein and Shab Levy  
29. "Slide Mounting for Projection 101" - Steve Hughes
30. "Slide Mounting Using RBT Mounts" - Dr. George Themelis
31  " Digital 101"       Dr. George Themelis
32  "Single Camera Hyper/Hypostereos"  by George Themelis (recorded at the 2010 NSA convention in Ohio).
33. "Custom View Master Reels "    Sheldon Aronowitz and Debra Borer 
34. "View Master Special Interest Group Meeting" with Guest Speaker Debra Borer                 
       (Debra is in charge of View Master projects at Alpha Cine, this company took over View Master from Fisher-Price. 
35. "The history of NSA"  John Waldsmith - Plays only on computer - Narration only, but very good
36. "Making Modern Stereo Cards"    by Steve & Suzanne Hughes
37. "DSS Slide Mounting Workshop" - Derek Gee, Billy Turner FPSA and Dennis Hanser
3D Blu-ray Discs:
Requirements to view these 3D Blu-ray Discs:
Full HD 3D TV  2) Compatible 3D Glasses 3)Blu-Ray 3D Player 4) High Speed HDMI Cable
If it is labeled CD or DVD it will play on computer
1) Gravity    2D & 3D with Sandra Bullock & George Clooney
2) Thor- Marvel Studios - Fallen God of Thunder must rise to battle to become a true hero
3) Alice in Wonderland - Disney - Imaginative new twist- Alice returns to whimsical land of her childhood.
4) Toy Story
5) Toy Story 2
6) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs-  Inventor has destroyed the town square & it rains cheeseburgers
7) Mars Needs Moms- Disney- Mars steals boys mom and-nine year old Milo has race to get her back.
8) Cars 2 - Disney
9) Legend of the Guardians The Owls of GA'HOOLE - 2D and 3D 
10) Coraline      This is anaglyph with glasses
11) Nitro Circus   2D & 3D   Daring Acts
12) Journey of Man   Cirque du Soleil
13) Pirates of the Caribbean
14) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows  Part 1
15) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows  Part 2
16) Avatar    Return to Pandora
17) Brave  2D & 3D   Walt Disney    #1 Animated Film of the Year
18) Jonas Brothers- 3D concert experience- - - Walt Disney
19) John Carter 3D
20) I Robot starring Will SmithThis Video is currently missing
21) Upside Down 2D & 3D   2 worlds  " Strangely Absorbing"
22) Man of Steel    This Video is currently missing
23) Scar 3D DVD Anaglyph    Very Gory
24) Mega Mind 3D
25) Hugo
26) The Universe 7 Wonders of Solar System
27) New York ( This is a 3D anaglyph - plays on computer or any std TV)
28) Spy Kids-Std. DVD & Blu Ray 3D versions-  Std or 3D TV
29) Lord of Dance 3D Blu Ray
30) 3D Magic Forest
31) Planes        Disney   3D Blu-ray
32)The Hobbit Part 1 (Unexpected Journey) - Blu Ray & Std DVD3D & std TV
33)The Hobbit Part 2 (The Desolation of Smaug) - Blu Ray & Std DVD3D & std TV
34) Monsters Inc. Blu-Ray + Blu-Ray 3D + DVD
35) 300 - Rise of an Empire  Blu-Ray + Blu-Ray 3D + DVD
36) Transformers "Dark of the Moon"  Blu-Ray + Blu-Ray 3D + DVD
37) Texas Chainsaw  Blu-Ray + Blu-Ray 3D + DVD + Ultraviolet
38) The Universe "A Whole New Dimension" Blu-Ray + Blu-Ray 3D + DVD
39) Star Trek "Into The Darkness" Blu-Ray + Blu-Ray 3D + DVD
40) Tron Legacy  Blu-Ray + Blu-Ray 3D + DVD
41) Predator Blu-Ray + Blu-Ray 3D + DVD
42) Jumper Blu-Ray + Blu-Ray 3D + DVD
43) Shrek Episode 4  Blu-Ray 3D
44) 3D Rarities Blu-Ray 3D       3D Film Archive *************
45) Oz The Great & Powerful     Disney     3D only
46) The Martian    Blu-Ray & Blu-Ray 3D
47) Titanic  Blu-Ray 3D only 
48) Nurse Blu-Ray 2D & 3D
49) Star Wars  The Force Awakens 2D and 3D Blu-Ray
50) Doctor Strange  3D Blu-Ray
51) Ghost Rider---Spirit of Vengeance with/Nicolas Cage   Blu-Ray 3D and DVD
52) Transformers Dark of the Moon - 2D and 3D Blu-ray + Extras
53) The Wizard of Oz   3D Blu-ray
54) Mr. Peabody & Sherman   3D Blu-ray
55) ParaNorman   3D Blu-ray
56) Amazing Ocean   3D Blu-ray
57) Ice Age - Continental Drift   3D Blu-ray
58) How to Train Your Dragon I   3D Blu-ray
59) Avengers - Age of Ultron   3D Blu-ray
60) Puss in Boots   3D Blu-ray
61) Shrek 2   3D Blu-ray
62) Walking with Dinosaurs   3D Blu-ray
63) Madagascar 3 - Europe's Most Wanted   3D Blu-ray
64) Jurassic Park   3D Blu-ray & 2D & Extras
65) The Amazing Spiderman 2   3D Blu-ray & 2D & Extras
66) Shrek the Third   3D Blu-ray & 2D & Extras
67) Alita - Battle Angel  3D Blu-ray
68) Immortals 3D  3D Blu-ray
69) Michael Jackson's 'This Is It'  3D Blu-ray (about 20 minutes of 3D).
70) Bolt 3D  3D Blu-ray
71) Clash of the Titans 3D  3D Blu-ray
72) The Adventures of Tintin  3D Blu-ray
73) Dr. Seuss' The Lorax 3D  3D Blu-ray
74) Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2  3D Blu-ray
75) Escape from Planet Earth  3D Blu-ray
76) Epic  3D Blu-ray
77) Guardians of the Galaxy  3D Blu-ray
78) Ant-Man  3D Blu-ray
79) The Polar Express in 3D  Anaglyph
80) Shrek 3D  Anaglyph
81) My Bloody Valentine  Anaglyph
82) Night of the Living Dead - Reanimation  Anaglyph
83) Spy Kids 3 - Game Over  Anaglyph
Photography Training  DVDs
1) Digital Darkroom Resource DVD
2) Adobe Photo Shop CS2 training DVD
3) Adobe Photo Shop CS3Training DVD
4) Photo Shop User 8th Year Tips & Tricks DVD
5) Stereo World - Complete Issues from 1974 to 2008 
6) Dr. T's Stereo Tutorials Vol 1 & 2
7) The Art of Travel Photography - National Geographic
8) Reel 3D News: 1978 - 1980
9) Step into the Third Dimension (Nishika Promo)
10) Photography for Social Media
11) The Great Courses Complete Guide to Smartphone Photography
Miscellaneous Discs:
Please look at description. Most of these are not 3D except as noted
 If it is labeled CD or DVD it will play on computer  
Those labeled 3D require  a 3D Playback source
1)  Alex Attard's Backyard ( Antique collection) Home Video By Tony Corrigan  club member 3D
2) Helicopter Ride video Ann Arbor Airport to Jackson Airport ( Home Video by Tony Corrigan) 3D
3) Coker Chalange- Vintage race cars- & Ruby Falls ( Home Video by Tony Corrigan) 3D
4) Side x Side
5) Stereo-Travel Company Palestine 100 Card Box Set, 1908 (CD) (This is not a stereo video)
6) Keystone View Company 600 Card Tour of the World, 1930 (DVD) (This is not a stereo video)
7) Keystone View Company Multiple Box Sets (DVD) (This is not a stereovideo)
8) 48th Annual Stereo Sequence Competition   PSA  Stereo Division   DVD & Blu Ray
9) 49th Annual Stereo Sequence Competition   PSA  Stereo Division   DVD & Blu-Ray
10) PSA Promotional Video-  "Photographic Society of America"
11) 50th Annual Stereo Sequence Competition 2013-2014    DVD & Blu-Ray
12) A tribute to Mathew Brady - DVD Side x Side- 2012 & 2013 DSS  Dec party ,( 3D on 3D TV)
13) Dss Christmas Party 2014 " Silver Bells"
14) Stereo Window Archive Through 2014 PDF Format ( This is not a Video)
15) Stereo World Index (now combined with #14)
16) Stereo Photography - Places and Times Remembered (Documentary)
1) Photographing in 3-D - Burder/Whitehouse - 2 copies
2) The 3D Photography Book - Cooper - 2 copies
3) Beginner's Guide to 3D Stereo - Beech
4) The Magic of 3D Photography - Tank
5) PhotoEd Guide to Photography, 3rd Edition - Russo
6) My HTC EVO 3D Smartphone (guide book)
There are also 3 special all 3D magazine issues:
7) PhotoEd  - 3-D Photography  (winter 2007)
8) PhotoEd - The Magic of 3-D  (winter 2011)
9) PhotoEd - The 3D Issue  (winter 2015)
DSS Librarian Jon Nachman: (248) 390-3768 or
Should you want to use the DVD or book for more then one month you can have it if the
second month if it is not spoken for on the reserve list. A late fee will apply if you do not renew the loan.
Note: We only have one copy of each DVD or book, and many club members. Any may be in use for the entire season.
 Contact me with any questions and I will make every effort to get the answer - Email is best


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