20th SSA International Stereo Card Exhibition 

Award Winners And Acceptances


Judging Held at the NSA Convention, Tulsa, Oklahoma - July 13th, 2016


Exhibition Chairs:        Betty Settle Drinkut, Eugene Mitofsky

Exhibition Judges:        Ronald Kostecka, Elizabeth Mitofsky, John Waldsmith


Award Winners






 PSA Gold Medal for
 Best of Show

"Ag Building 2015 Iowa State Fair"

 Michael Pecosky

 Mt. Horeb, WI

Ray Zone Award for Entire Stereo Card Design/Presentation Front & Back  

"Flowers for the Dead"

 Robert Bloomberg

Forest Knolls CA

Best Creative

"Railroad Crossing"

 David Kuntz

Palos Verdes CA

Best Novice

 "Joy of Life"

 Derek Medhurst

 Kent, England

Best Landscape / Seascape
 "Kearsarge Reflections"  John Ballou  Orinda, CA

Judge’s Choice  
Judge #1 

"Heaven's Golden Gate"

 David W. Allen

 Beaverton, OR

Judge’s Choice
Judge #2

"There's A Fly on my Wing"

 Betty Settle Drinkut

 Pennville, IN

Judge’s Choice
Judge #3

 "Kissing Couple"

 Les Gehman

 Fort Collins CO


Honorable Mentions






Honorable Mention

"The Wave"
Bruno Braun Kassel, Germany

Honorable Mention

"The Smoke of War"
Harold Jacobsohn Mequon WI

Honorable Mention

"Basket Maker"

 Geoff Peters

 Fairfax VA

Honorable Mention

"Monarch Butterfly"

 Chris Reynolds

 Simpsonville, SC

Honorable Mention

"Bryce #12"

 Cecil Stone

 Orlando FL




[Award]  -  [Honorable Mention]




Title #1

Title #2

Title #3

Title #4

David W. Allen *****
Beaverton, OR Heaven's Golden Gate [Judge's Choice]

John Ballou *****
Orinda, CA  Kearsarge Reflections [Best Landscape / Seascape]
 Robert Bloomberg, Master 12
Forest Knolls CA Lanternfly #2 Flowers for the Dead [Best Design Front & Back]
Amazonian Horned Frog  
 Bruno Braun, 
 Master 11, EPSA, EFIAP
 Kassel, Germany The Wave Spinnerin II    

Michael Cosentino **

Dawson, MN

Little Malachite Alien Anatomy Surreal Ceiling  
Emily Deam Homer Glen, IL
Betty Drinkut** 
Pennville, IN There's A Fly on my Wing [Judge's Choice]
Greg Duncan **, EPSAP, EFIAP, ARPS
Dorset, England Three Little Steam Engines Grizzly Growling Saxophone Busker Albuquerque in the Air
Les Gehman Fort Collins, CO Fraternity Hall
Kissing Couple [Judge's Choice]
Masonic Lodge & School  
Dennis Green, PPSA *****
Ferndale, MI Spiral Clock Tiger Carousel    
Harold Jacobsohn
Mequon, WI Old Lobster Fishing Boat
The Smoke of War    
David Kuntz 
Palos Verdes CA Railroad Crossing [Best Creative]
Dumpling Shop    
Derek Medhurst
Kent, England Joy of Life [Best Novice]
Edgar Lower, GMPSA, FPSA Diamond
Davenport, IA
Packard Spare Tire      
Eugene Mitofsky *****
Sun City West, AZ Tree at La'ie Point      
Nick Muskovac, FPSA, MPSA
Palm Harbor, FL
Yellow Rose and Bee Skyline Arch    
Linda Nygren ****
Saint Paul, MN Morel and Oak Leaf Foggy Lupine    
Michael Pecosky Mt. Horeb, WI
Ag Buiding 2015 Iowa State Fair [Best of Show] Old Faithful Dining Room Fishing on the Dam View Through the CCC Bridge
Geoff Peters, Diamond Fairfax, VA

White Hibiscus Monarch on Orange Zinnia Basket Maker  
Lee Pratt FPSA, Master 9
Madison, AL Rocks and Roses Double Red Knockout    

Chris Reynolds, MPSA, Master 1

Simpsonville, SC

Monarch Butterfly "Eastern Pheobe Chicks"  Rocky Mountains  
Diego Ruiz Interlaken, NY Midnight Breeze
Andrea Shetley, FPSA, *** Fayetteville, TN
Butterflies and Bees
Orange Mushrooms    
Cecil Stone, Diamond
Orlando, FL Brice 12


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Award Winning Images

Best of Show – Ag Building 2015 Iowa State Fair  Michael Pecosky

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Best Design Front & Back – Flowers for the Dead Robert Bloomberg

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Best Creative – Railroad Crossing David Kuntz

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Best Novice – Joy of Life Derek Medhurst

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Best Landscape/Seascape – Kearsarge Reflections John Ballou

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Judge’s Choice – Heaven's Golden Gate David W. Allen

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Judge’s Choice – There's A Fly on my Wing  Betty Settle Drinkut

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Judge’s Choice – Kissing Couple  Les Gehman

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Honorable Mention – The Wave Bruno Braun

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Honorable Mention – The Smoke of War Harold Jacobsohn

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Honorable Mention – Basket Maker Geoff Peters

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Honorable Mention – Monarch Butterfly Chris Reynolds

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Honorable Mention – Bryce #12Cecil Stone

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